Thursday, January 1, 2015

I can count, honest

Soooooooooo I was talking with my sister Marcia today.  Marcia is the oldest of us five, and she is a kick ass accountant; she rules the numbers world.  If anyone ever asks me to do math, I say my oldest sister got all the math brains in the family, and by the time I came around (5th kid) there were no more math brains.  But if you are in a spelling bee?  PICK ME.  I am your girl.

So, chit chat chit chat, telling her about Nina and Eric & Ernie and the 90 days, and she says, "I don't see how you are getting 90 days out of that."

Me:  January to March!

Her:  Uh huh... that is only 60 days.

Me:  ..............  Shit. 


Me:  [counting months on my fingers.]  Shit.  It IS only 60 days.  I even made a Twitter hashtag using 90 days!

Her:  Guess you'd better change that.
Sigh.  I have other talents. 

And, this has all sorts of ramifications!  Eeeeeeek.  Wait until Nina sees this post... LOL Nina!  Have you ordered your trailer yet?!  We need to get crackin' - we just lost a whole month!!  LOL

The Numbers Challenged* Roommate 

*Sure to haunt us later.


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