Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Current State of the Tiny House...

Okay, so I've recorded some videos that walk you through the house as it sits today....  if you are prone to motion sickness you might not want to watch LOL...  plus they are super flattering of me.  Not.

The Intro...

The Porch and Kitchen:  I did clean out and organize my pantry today... I have extra room!  And yeah, I buy paper towels, but I swear a roll lasts me over a month.  It's my dirty little non-environmentally correct secret.  Well, I guess it's not a secret anymore...

I need to add a second shelf under the sink.  It looks horribly disorganized, but in person it's not bad.

The bathroom... So I've never built the 4th wall of the bathroom and I use a curtain.  I keep changing my mind about what material I want to use for the hard surface, and consequently it just hasn't happened.  The curtain touches me when I shower - not optimal. 

The living room:  Or as Jay calls it, the "great" room.  Teehee

I'm thinking maybe we can put planks across for a second, temporary sleeping loft for Nina up there above the big window...

More living room... and laundry storage - very exciting...

And in closing...

If you have questions for us, you can email us at and we will try to address them...!


  1. If anyone has storage solution ideas for me, I'd love to hear them! My current plan is to divvy existing shelf space up by adding additional shelves above and below, aside from the one vertical board I talk about.

    Particular areas of interest are:
    1) Tall bottle storage that doesn't take up the shelf it's currently on

    2) A way to display crystals. When my blinds are open I have several on window sills. But when I close the blinds I have to relocate them.

    3) All my tiny bottles of essential oils... (I think those are going to be on a slide out tray under my desk, but I'm open to other ideas...)

    Any other creative solutions you see that are needed! I know there are creative folks out there... Thanks!

  2. Dog bowl in the shower. FREAKING BRILL

    1. Baylie - LOL! My floor was always wet! Solved THAT issue! - BA/Eric

  3. Can we have a frank conversation about vertical video?

  4. What about jar lids, with plastic jars, nailed to the bottoms of shelves to store your tiny essential oils? Link has a good photo:


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