Monday, December 29, 2014

I quit my job today.

My name is Nina and I quit a perfectly delightful job today....I will leave it 30 days after I started.

Summarizing a long story...I fell in love and
changed my life (leaving a university I worked 25 years for) and moved from California to Texas to be with a man...heart was quickly stomped on and dispatched...blah blah blah.  I needed to take stock, take on my most desired goal: to build the tiny house that I've been planning for 3 years.
Enter BA. I met her at a tiny house workshop/build in 2012 and we became fast friends with similar life parallels. And they continue.  She's already in her tiny.

This blog is a result of my decision to take her up on her offer to move in with her for 60 days. (Into her tiny house. with Greta the 75# dog) while we build my tiny house.
What's that you ask? oh... Are we nuts?  Ummm...Yes.

I am no stranger to living tiny. For a year before I moved to Texas (still can't believe that happened) I lived in a "shack" that was 11 feet long by 7 feet wide with a shower stall, sink and toilet. It was my practice for a tiny house. I LOVED IT.   BA and I have traveled together (did you follow our 1800 mile #tinyhousetrip?) and built together and we will now be UP CLOSE AND IN EACH OTHER'S FACE AND SPACE for 60 days. I suggested we may end up not speaking, she suggested we may end up fused side-by-side at the hip.

SO - you've read the general timeline that BA posted.
My last day of work is January 9th.
I will pack up my belongings in a u-haul van and take a bit of a trip to Austin and Marfa (seriously - I've wanted to visit both of those places for YEARS). And then find my way to southern california and I move in with them around the 20th-ish.
We will build my house (with Daniel, my ORIGINAL Builder of Choice - the dude is THE BEST).  The build will happen on the same property where we'll be living.
In between the build we will travel to workshops in different cities/states where BA will be speaking (she posted the dates).
And I'm thinking there will be a lot of wine and beer being enjoyed (when not operating machinery and tools and public speaking).
We will get my house AS ready as we can in the 60 days before it gets transported to Portland where my brother and his 2 best friends are excited to work on the interior. (I'm more of a framer so it'll be great to learn some finesse work from them and hone my skills with my japanese pull saw)
I will be raiding my storage unit in Chico that has all the cabinets and flooring and many of the finishings
(that I've been collecting over a couple of years) and take them with me and live with my brother and his gf while we finish the tiny house up (they have a large enclosed warehouse so we can work on it even when it's pouring rain in Oregon).  At this point is where the timeline gets hazy because I have no idea how long it will take us to get the inside done.
Once it's done? I have a long-standing offer to park my tiny house in Chico.  I have other people who want me to take it across the country for them to experience and I have friends just about everywhere who I'd love to visit.  I can't believe how many people are opening up their place to say "you can park here!"
Of course...all that is projecting out pretty far.  As I have learned, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! I'm all for diving in and so... here we go!


  1. Ooooh, Portland! Move there, move there! We'll visit you, my beer friend. Um, I mean "dear" friend.

  2. Oh, "Unknown" is me -- John ERNEST Hodgins.

  3. So exciting! I hope you and BA have the most beautiful, ridiculous time together :-) I'm looking forward to following your journey. HERE'S TO BEING GOOD TO YOU! 2015 is going to be wonder-ful.

    1. Hannah!! : )

      Thanks... adventure for sure, but isn't what what we're after anyway? LOL

      Thanks for reading -
      BA (Eric)


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