Sunday, December 28, 2014

Oh, It's Happening: Get Ready

OMG the synchronicity is blinding.  I don't know how to begin to get you up to speed to explain what's about to happen... but I guess if you are reading this, you probably know one of us, and so you have a point of reference from which to start.

I'm B.A.  I've been transitioning my life from a litigation paralegal downtown Dallas to something called a "tiny-houser" since February of 2012.   I live in a house that is 112 square feet.  Uh huh.  112.  It's tiny.  It's on wheels.  I live in it with my 75 pound dog Greta.  She is not tiny.  I blog regularly about my life in a tiny house here.

And now, because I am an impatient person, and I am unable to "mind meld" you to get you up to speed with all that you would want to know, I am going to jump to the end of the story:

In January, one of my dearest fellow tiny house friends is moving into my tiny house with me for just shy of 90 days.  While she is here, we are going to frame her tiny house on wheels right next to mine.  During the (we will just call it) three months we are going to travel in my tiny house to events, and we are going to document our tiny house adventure (experiment, escapade, whatever you choose to call it - I expect the word that is appropriate will change daily if not hourly) here on this blog. 

There will be a lot of hysterical laughing.  Photographs. Videos. Writing.  Tiny house construction.  Cooking.  Eating.  Drinking.  (You cannot separate those three, c'mon!)  Dreaming.  Planning.  Tiny house traveling.  

Plans were just firmed up this weekend, and I told Nina that we MUST blog.  (I think that at first she maybe thought I was kidding.) And that we MUST start immediately.  And then after the initial dump of news, we can back up and give a little background.  But fasten your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen:  This is a 90 days that we will never forget!

Here is a general outline of the hilarity that is going to ensue:

December 29, 2014 - January 14, 2015
I will be doing one final purge of possessions and nailing down (perhaps literally) some additional storage solutions for possessions in my house.  Even before I knew Nina was coming here (back when I was still taunting her with the idea) mid-January was my deadline to position things in my house in a manner that hitting the road was simple; I have a lot of tiny house travel planned for 2015 and I need to be a ninja in the amount of time that it takes me to batten down the hatches and hit the road.  So for the next 2 weeks?  Bottom Line?  Whip this tiny house into minimalist traveling shape.

I'm sure she will write out her own description in her upcoming post (she is finally going to start blogging)  but basically she is going to sort through her already minimalized possessions to purge them even more in anticipation of travel.

January 16 - 18th, 2015
I will hitch my house to my truck and hit the road north to Sebastopol, CA to exhibit and speak at a workshop with Jay Shafer.  Yay!

While I am doing the workshop gig, Nina will be packing up everything she owns into a rental van and hitting the road in Dallas, heading this way.

January 19-20th
I will be back in Thousand Oaks, and parked again, and I'll be making final preparations for Nina's arrival and her taking up residence in my house with me.

She will arrive sometime that week and ... well... game on.

Sometime between now and then Nina will order the trailer for her tiny house, and we will be having a lot of meetings with tiny house construction guru Daniel about the construction of Nina's house.  Daniel  lives on-site in a studio apartment - you can imagine his paralysis when he heard Nina and I would be living together in the backyard LOL (I think he's afraid, and probably rightly so.)  So the winter months of January, February and the first half of March will be tiny house construction, and tiny house travel.

February 13 - 16th
We will be taking my house to San Diego to participate in another Jay Shafer workshop.  Nina will come with me - a 2-fer!

Week of March 9th
I will be preparing my house and possessions to be on the road for the remainder of the Spring and for all of the Summer!  That means getting a topper for my truck, loading up my tools and my bicycle in the back, and preparing my house to be on the move for likely about 7 months.

We will prepare her house for transport to northern California, and load it up with all of her possessions.  It will be delivered to her brother's house for interior finish out.

March 12-17th
We will be taking my house to Tucson, AZ for another workshop...  

March 20-22nd
Details are still being finalized, but I think I have another exhibit/guest speaking gig lined up.  We will head out straight from Tucson to this event.  After the event Nina will fly back to CA, and I will point my truck and house towards Big D!

Does all of that sound like an epic 3 months or what?!  Are we crazy?  We know we are, but we are totally pumped about it!   Is it going to be an adventure?  Um, YES!

April 2014 in Ojai, CA

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