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First off, click here if you want to know more about the electrical and plumbing workshop this weekend...there are only 5 spots left!

The Workshop:
BA has flown in, Susan has studied the electrical schematics from Gary (Tiny House Systems) and we've shopped for the electrical necessities. I need to meet up with Susan and get the final plumbing stuff (I'm using PEX) before I can say that I'm ready.  Who am I kidding?  I'm not ready! I'm freaking out! ... excitement, anticipation and anxiety!   I've mentioned it before, my fear of all things electrical is unreasonable (like, no foundation for it at all, but it is a very strong aversion).  All three of these fine folks have reassured me over and over that we will adhere to the safety and common sense and there's no reason to be fearful.  I have put my trust in their collective hands.  Susan (we call her Sarge, HAPPY VETERANS DAY SARGE!!) has years of experience in the construction field with a special affinity and love for electrical (yahoo!) and also with plumbing.  BA is the luminary that gets workshops together and makes magic happen by building community. People often ask how the teaching/workshop fees are kept low: fees cover basic costs of the workshop and sometimes go toward travel expenses. We aren't looking to get rich; the community building pays us back in riches we can't put a price tag on.  The tiny house community begins with people meeting at workshops, building side-by-side, open houses, etc.  Really, just a priceless gift of community and friendship for life!  BA & Susan are part of my #tinyhousetribe ... and if you're reading this, you are too! (I have adopted you. You have no choice in the matter).
The weather looks like it will be on the cool side (that will be different, it's always been sweltering!).  I will be learning along with everyone else!  We will review the general plan for the weekend; go over safety, review the components and order of things when it comes to electrical and plumbing jargon and installation, some hands-on for those wanting to do so, questions answered, and my choices of fixtures and appliances will be discussed. Full description is on the link, I just typed that off the top of my head.

A little about the Man with the Plan...

I have been messaging with a few folks but I'll put the information here for those who haven't reached out yet and are curious...
I am tickled by the electrical plans that include "driver's side of truck" for clarification of orientation.
My house has a driver's side. LOL.
  I love it. 

The schematics that Gary Bute of Tiny House Systems provided are clear and concise. When you enlist his help, he is open to your questions and curiousities you have about what is available to you in your tiny house. He has worked with several other tiny housers (BA, Tiny House Project, TinyHouse43, to name a few), so rest assured, Gary speaks Tiny (People think it's the same as wiring a big house...nope, so many special considerations). Gary is big on safety (thank God!) and is very detailed. At $500 for the schematics, you can't find a better investment in peace of mind for the foundation of powering your tiny home.
Now that Gary has completed electrical plans on my tiny, you are free to call him. (Haha)
If you check out his website, you'll see he includes mechanical and safety in the plans. Plumbing is a separate package which I didn't get but from my experience with his electrical plans, you will be very pleased with the final plans in your hands.  He's a busy man but he will treat you as if you're his most important client.  Email him at and see what he can do for your tiny.  Even if your tiny is only in the planning stages and you think it's too early, it isn't. Plan ahead! Maybe you can plan a workshop with him! (we wanted to do that but my schedule fell apart). He will have many options for you to look at and consider and bring new ideas for your tiny house life. It's not overwhelming, but exciting!

So, I've linked here and there but let's review:


BA's BLOG & WEBPAGE (lists her events, #tinyhousetribe shirts, etc)

GARY'S PAGE to check out and get started on thinking about YOUR schematics

On instagram ...

BA is @banorrgard
Gary is @tiny_house_systems
Susan is @spahnke (relatively new account that she'll add photos into starting this weekend)
BA & I both post to @BANinaBegins when we are up to our tiny house shenanigans. (It's the account we created for us building my house)

And Facebook...

DFW Group - if you want to see what's cooking in tiny houses in the Dallas Metroplex/Fort Worth area.  There are nearly 800 people in the meetup group! (BA started this awesome) I post updates on my build there.

Tiny House Systems (Gary's Business page) - He posts a lot of information here, get your ideas flowing for your house and generate a questions list, then give him a call.

A Bed Over My Head (BA's Business page) - You can keep up with her touring, and speaking schedule and events there. You can really get connected with others in the tiny house world there.

Thanks for following!
If you're a veteran, thank you for your service, appreciation to your family, and we can't forget the service animals that have been there for us, too!!

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