Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Milestones and moving forward...

The house has it's 2nd coat of paint on it and I'm calling that part of it done...for now.
The doors are in their original state and are a bit rough. I'll just go with the term "Shabby Chic" until I get around to them. Having the doors installed and locked was a big deal so I'm good with waiting to make them pretty. (Sorry raccoons, have to find another place to find your midnight snacks!)
The bumpout still needs the little piece of roof but it's sufficiently dried in and can wait for the roofers to either 1) let me know if they can hit it when they get a job nearby or 2) work on it at their shop in Fort Worth when I finally uproot from my build site.
So, this is what it looks like right now:
2 coats of "Rainstorm" Valspar, my kismet find at Habitat ReStore

Susan and I cut and placed the loft joists and will also put in the pocket door/wall for the bathroom soon.
Susan is a lot of fun to work with!
We didn't put the floor in for either of the lofts because we want ease of accessibility when it comes time for...

Right now we are into the electrical spaghetti. Ok, ok...it's spaghetti to ME.  LUCKILY, I have Gary Bute from Tiny House Systems working on the electrical schematics for my house.  I am SO EXCITED!!!  Many of you may already know that I have an unreasonable fear of electrical stuff.  Well, Gary has been at this for ...oh, about 30 years or so...he knows it backwards and forwards and upside down and THAT makes me feel very safe with this in his hands.
Gary Bute of Tiny House Systems...a very knowledgeable and patient, patient man :)
If you're a tiny houser you know the name and that smile; Gary did Alek's house and also did a some retro-work on BA's tiny when she visited Austin and what a difference! Also, if you were at the Jamboree you may have seen him at his VERY BUSY booth or seen him on stage sharing his knowledge with the masses. BA, Susan and Gary and I have been discussing electricity for a couple of weeks now. Susan is comfortable with the jargon (she loves electricity... thankfully) and we are figuring out what type of appliances and switches go where to suit my needs.   It started when I gave him my list of wants/needs and he's been working on a plan for the tiny house. He is very patient and is helping me understand what is going on. I know what I WANT but making it happen is entirely different.  I want to be solar someday so he's making sure I can plug in now and when I get set up, I can be off-grid. His ideas and recommendations are great for discussion and I'm learning a lot.  Susan has a lot of experience installing electrical so she and Gary are making me feel very at ease with this whole process.  No small feat.
Gary's in Austin but he will email and skype and whatever you like to get your project done. He often shares his schematics & tiny house wisdom on his facebook page so I'd go there and "like" that and check him out.  If you are on track to needing your tiny house systems done, then he's the guy to call.  BUT NOT YET.  LOL   Ok, ok...go ahead and plan ahead by calling him now but if you distract him from my tiny house, I will cut you. Just kidding.  No, not really.  Yeah. No.

SO - with Gary's schematics in hand, Susan and BA will be holding a workshop to install the systems and I will soon be POWERED and SHOWERED.   ha. I just made that up.

I'll post more when I know more details but if you're in the area and want to learn the intricacies and maybe get your hands-on experience/practice on MY tiny before you do yours...  keep your eyes on the DFW TH meetup.com page.  BA will create the workshop there.  :)

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