Sunday, March 15, 2015

Make no mistake...we like boys

-we are all about everyone living their own soul/truth and being who they were meant to be
-we are all about celebrating the rights that anyone (trans/straight/gay/questioning) are due
-we just need to establish that we like boys so that boys can feel the freedom to approach us (well, by "us" I mean BA)
So....This is a post written by Nina. (shhhh....don't tell BA)

Newcomers to me may or may not know my story (got engaged last year, that blew up months later) but friends have been confused by recent pictures where they see me wearing a ring. 
To explain:
I routinely (for yeeeears) wear a fake ring when I attend events or when I travel.
I have found that I am hit-on less and that if I do happen to strike up a conversation with a male, his female companion is immediately less threatened by my bling. It's just easier.

I am not opposed to meeting men but I am very selective as to the times that I want to deal with it...and I consider myself OFF the market more often than not.

And then this whole BANina thing happens...

(credit goes to Lewis who came up with the name and cool logo)

ok, ok...
so we didn't really understand that this 'Brangelina" type of melding of our names and our living together in 112 sq. ft. (in BA's tiny house) would lead people to think that we were a couple. This was supposed to be about two girls building a tiny house.
However, we've been asked WAY too many times if we're a couple, who plays which role in the relationship, etc.

When blatantly asked is we're lesbians (and oh my gosh...have we been BLATANTLY ASKED!?!) we will answer but in general conversation BA will purposefully offer up (in any way she possibly can) that I have a boyfriend ("Nina needs to know so she can tell her boyfriend", "Nina is on the phone with her boyfriend" "Nina...blah blah blah..her boyfriend")
It's kind of funny to see just HOW she'll work it in and how quickly.

Now, ordinarily, we wouldn't really care that people would think we were a lesbian couple except that...
we are heterosexual and already have limited our dating pool by being VEGANS and TINY HOUSERS  (two very limiting factors when it comes to finding a compatible mate!!)

And so... we go along our merry way and think that nobody would really question our heterosexuality but then we step back and look at pictures like the ones taken today by our friend Judy and think..... "oh, ok..."

We just thought it was great to have someone else be there to take a photo of us because we hardly ever are in the same shot!  BUT...then we see it and think... " looks like we're holding hands.."  (in reality, you would hear me say "STOP TOUCHING ME!!!!" if she actually did touch me).   siiiiigh.

Earlier today, BA asked me if it was ok to change our BANinaBEGINS Instagram Profile BIO. I said "sure" and then she showed me what she added...
Obviously the #WeLikeBoys addition is the result of the constant pelting of questions about our "relationship" wouldn't be a big deal if we weren't actually single and afraid that we're already choking out the vast population of available males by being vegan tiny housers....
just sayin'

To be clear: this isn't a plea for mates... I am perfectly happy with my current state of dating and BA isn't needy for a mate either (#AwesomeWoman) but it's just meant as an acknowledgement that we seem to have set ourselves up for speculation and there needn't be any if we just said it: We are out of the closet as straight people. We like boys. (Men, really, but the "we like boys" sounds funnier)


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha! It never even crossed my mind one way or the other! Hilarious though, I can see the confusion, I'm kicking myself that I didn't even wonder a little! :)

    1. That makes us feel better, Macy, lol!

  2. OMG. Really people?!
    Good post :)


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