Saturday, March 14, 2015

After a few days in Dallas....we are off to Denver!!

If you've been hopping around and following us on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook (we are each posting but both post under baninabegins on Insta) then you know that we have had some ... glitches in our travels from California to Texas. We thought we'd fixed the clutch and all was awesome. We made it to Chandler, AZ and CLUNK... the gear vendor snapped in half.  Along with a long list of lucky things despite this setback, we found a very lovely mechanic and shop to live at while the truck was being worked on.  The downside is that we lost FIVE days of roadtrip. ***BUT*** at that same moment in time there were all sorts of weather warnings coming out of Dallas from news channels and friends "Don't come now!" "Slow down...try to miss this weather!"  We hadn't planned on it but the mechanical breakdown in Arizona meant we missed the whole snow/ice/freezing rain stuff. Both of us are not friends with "winter" so we were happy to drive the remaining miles in sunny weather.

Well wait... BEFORE Dallas we stopped off at a farmhouse in the country where our friend would be housing Nina's trailer. BA plugged in her house and we had a nice evening of chatting and a good night's sleep before leaving for the final hours roadtrip to Dallas the next day. First we had to get BA's house parked on her old street to visit her great friends and neighbors and then get Nina's storage unit so that we could unload the U-haul contents into it. Once that was done, Nina dropped off BA and went to stay with a mutual friend while BA whooped it up in her old stomping grounds and caught up with friends.

BA was on the Dallas news one morning! They called her right before she was leaving for the gym one morning. The news channel had seen the photo of her house on facebook (posted by her friend and former neighbor). Pretty quickly, everyone knew BA was back in town. The "teaser" was on at 4pm,  the longer interview was on at 6pm and they replayed it the next day.  Lewis, the genius behind the "BANina" name and logo showed up to take BA to the gym and wound up in the news spot as well!  News story here

We met for a group dinner where BA invited Nina to meet with a group of friends but other than that, Nina has been spending time at two different residences with mutual friends and BA has been parked in the same place (BA had figured she would have to move after the first couple of nights but the neighborhood seemed happy to have her there so she stayed).

It's pre-Denver Eve. Nina was dropped off at BA's house and we are catching up on our computer time before our departure in the morning. We figure that our Sunday morning departure will give us 3 days of easy driving up to Denver then we set up there and participate in the show and then break down and drive back down. The Denver Home Show will be fun, there will be several other tiny houses and they will be setting us all up in a "Tiny House Village" for people to ooh & ahhh over. We are excited to see the others!
The irony of the this is that ... while on display as part of the show, we can't live in it!  That's ... where we live!  We have secured an AirBnB for those nights that we're kicked out.
879.6 miles  (Hey Google - can you please add a symbol of a little truck towing a tiny house so we know how long it will actually take us? That'd be great)

Will we see you there? Or on the way? Follow Twitter and Insta if you're curious as to where we are and what we're doing. Who knows what shenanigans BANina will get into on this roadtrip? 

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