Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Hi folks, Nina here!
Time has flown by and I have so many posts that are needing to be posted here!

Currently the tiny house world is heading to the national tiny house jamboree 2016… BFCraig & I will be driving to Colorado Springs to see all of our friends and attend B.A.'s wedding to John Breen! AT the Jamboree!!
Is that wild or what?!

For now..
A quick update in BANina World
After exhibiting in Texas at Earth Day and then taste of Dallas, both of our houses are taking a rest.
Nina's house exhibited before it was even finished but people seem to like it anyway.

B.A. has taken her house to Minnesota for the cooler weather and to be with her fiancée (hubby in a few days!) and her father. She has been traveling back and forth and working on cool tiny house stuff here in Texas.

BA has named her house "Sisu"and I have named mine "House. (Said with a Canadian accent)"
House is finished and we (BFCraig & I) are living in it... And we find that it is so comfortable and peaceful that we just don't want to leave it.

Turning Tiny!
Both B.A. and NINA have contributed to the book turning tiny. If you are going to the jamboree stop by and see us at the turning tiny table on Friday… We will be selling books and chatting with people during a midday shift.

Update over.
I (Nina) will be back to post a ton of photos with my build details and all the fun that went into it… But for now we are (all) heading to Colorado.


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