Friday, February 20, 2015

The Calm Before the NEXT push....

Evening calm before the next 5 + 5 days
Nina's entry...
We've been plotting out our busy lives in increments of 5 days at a time in order to be able to maintain some sense of stability and pretend we're in control.  Our last "5 days" involved the driving to/from the workshop presentations in San Diego
We then had some "down time" (ok, not REALLY but...kinda).
The last four days have been spent nailing down the details for our next 5 days.  Except that this 5 abuts another 5. (Yikes!!)  The first 5 is the "Get Nina's stuff from Chico and then come back here and load from both storages and hitch up Nina's trailer and then line up behind BA and her tiny house" and the next 5 is  "GET TO TEXAS"

We allowed some days in our plan for "just in case something happens" and 2 "somethings" have reared their dang heads.
1) Nina's trailer is a question mark. The place that is making it is AMAZING when it comes to fabrication and working with your builder (I have The Most Tricked Out Tiny House Trailer EVER) but the customer service communication is a bit...scant).  Is it ready? We don't know. It was supposed to be ready today. It should TOTALLY be ready Monday. Builder Daniel said he'd be picking it up so I hope to return to it just magically being ready to hitch up.  ***crossing fingers***

2) The clutch went out on BA's awesome truck. THAT was a big surprise. We think it sang it's last hurrah on our trip to San Diego over the weekend. Today we dropped the truck off, took a cab home and will get it the truck back on Monday.  ***crossing fingers***
(Shout out to wizard/mechanic Frenchie at JBS Auto Services - upbeat personality that was much appreciated!)

So... those were the surprises! (the clutch affected the plan for us to take the house to the beach tonight). If the trailer isn't ready then that will be another affecting thing...but...we're just banking on it all working out now.
TOMORROW (tomorrow? oh my gosh, it's finally HERE!) we leave for NorCal and we follow the plan that BA previously blogged about.
BUT TONIGHT is about CALM. Olive tapenade hummus, BA/wine, Nina/beer, Zero7 on Pandora and each of us on our phones and Facebook with our people. BA was able to hit a time zone sweetspot with her sister so they could play Words With Friends simultaneously. It's just a very serene evening which is the antithesis of all the activity we've been in lately.

I am appreciating Facebook these days. Even though I haven't been interacting with friends much, I love visiting their pages and seeing their photos and doings and sharing their sense of humor and values as the post to their pages.  Thank you to those of you following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here. We're having a lot of fun sharing our fun!

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