Thursday, February 5, 2015

Day 10 & Still Laughing

Day 10 and we are still friends, and still having an obscene amount of fun!  We both need some healing and the laughter is proving to be a great salve for both of our hearts.  And the constant company is a needed distraction.

I wake up in the morning and peer down at Nina from my loft.  She looks up at me and we laugh - for no particular reason.  I climb down the ladder and craft our almond milk lattes and we assess what we need to accomplish for the day - and make our list.

Then we get dressed and load up - typically days include laptops at Starbucks and the gym - so we pack up our computer bags and our gym bags, throw them all in the backseat of my truck and head out for the day.  We have some favorite places - Starbucks, Veggie Grill, Barnes & Noble, 24 Hour Fitness... and we are discovering new places.

With those two things as bookends for our days, we fill the middle parts with a myriad of other things. Our days are ridiculously busy - shopping for tiny house components for Nina's house, and trying to keep my stuff organized for events... and plotting our future.. it's crazy!

Life with two of us in 112 square feet has been hunky dory so far.  We have figured out a routine and storage solutions...

By night time we are on the floor, recapping our day, relaxing, and still... LAUGHING.

Are you following us on Insta?  We are there under BANinaBegins.... hilarity ensues...  and there are a ton of photos there for your viewing pleasure... Nina is doing most of the posting... she's freakishly fast.  Thank you to everyone there and on Twitter  (under BANorrgard) who is following us!

We are working on an unexpected announcement... maybe within the next week...

And we are preparing for a road trip to San Diego over Valentine's weekend!  We will be exhibiting and presenting at Jay Shafer's workshop.  Depending on my hardware store schedule, we may head out a day early and do an extra event or two on Thursday or Friday before the Saturday/Sunday workshop.

We are glad you are with us on this journey!  Please let us hear from you!

                                                                                                              ~ BA

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