Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Greta Sigh"

While the excitement for our adventure was mounting and BA was preparing for a tiny house trip to speak at a workshop and I was preparing for my trip from Texas to California...we hit a major emotional wall...we said goodbye to Greta... BA's heart love, her Weimaraner that she had since she was a wee pup.  Ugh.  Greta was beautiful and had SUCH a personality. I have a series of photos of she and I in the mini cooper from our August road trip and they are hysterical and priceless...her face had SUCH expression. I'm convinced she hated my singing and tormented me in return with her farts.    She was loud and frustrating and loving and HILARIOUS.  She had a way of showing her disdain, her "oh silly humans" way of sighing. It was the Greta Sigh that we coined and would use on each other on the trip.
I was still in Texas so BA had to walk that alone and it breaks my heart that she had to say goodbye to her beloved by herself. The love between BA and Greta was touching and spilled over to fill your voids if you had any.  In the past week BA has been trying to heal and take it a day at a time. Having to deal with any loss is tough but people who share a tiny house with their pet know, it's an empty, EMPTY space when that soul is gone.
BA & her house returned from her speaking engagement last night at the same time that I arrived from my roadtrip. This morning she flew out to be with family in Minnesota and will return next week.  I will settle into her tiny house and await my friend.  My heart is with her and I'm glad I got to hug her before she left. Everyone who knows Greta (or knows of Greta by way of the interwebs) will agree that BA needs to heal this huge loss however she sees fit. I will await my friend and then we will miss Greta together but be sure to celebrate her and remember Greta with joy in our hearts. ***Greta Sigh***



  1. Poem for Greta

    What's happening now?
    Maybe a snack
    I am soooo tired
    Oh! A man in a hat!


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