Thursday, January 8, 2015

2nd Pre-BANina video. Piles O'Crap.

And so... the work begins to lighten the load.  A LOT.
I haven't settled on exactly HOW I'm getting to BANina....but it's not with ALL of this stuff.


  1. LOL Your videos made me laugh - love. We can go through your office stuff once you get here. And remember I have a storage unit and there is also a crappy shed in the yard - it leaks, but I have a tarp. You can put things in both of those. LOL

  2. Do NOT encourage me with shed space! I'm putting stuff of Craigslist today. The big stuff is the fridge and the chair & 1/2 that will end up in my tiny house. Other than that, I will have the boxes that will be labeled "tiny house" and "now"
    The "now" pile should be MINISCULE and consist of my vitamix and ... some clothes. mostly underwear. LOL


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